4 Benefits of Hiring an Amish Roofing Company

Building on Quality & Trust

It is the wise homeowner, and financially-frugal steward, who will obtain a few roof quotes from reputable roofing contractors before making the final decision. Why should an Amish-run company be one estimate to acquire? Here are four main reasons why it is beneficial to hire an Amish roofing company.



It is widely known that the Amish take their work seriously. When you hire them, there is a good chance they will provide you with quality workmanship. Many already know of the skill the Amish have when it comes to construction and carpentry. Roofing isn’t that much different. Do your due diligence, though, and look up their credentials and speak with their former customers to obtain a full picture.

Hard Working

Have you ever seen the amazing feat of putting up a barn in the Amish community? These amazing, dedicated men will work together to create and build a beautiful barn, lifting the full wall panels in one swoop! They call it Barn Raising. From Wisegeek: “A barn raising is a community event at which all members of a community cooperate to build a barn or another structure, such as a home or church.”

Now what does this have to do with a roof? This demonstrates the hard-working nature of the Amish community. They work together, with great wisdom and planning to accomplish amazing feats in a short duration of time. It is part of who they aspire to be, and how they run their businesses and lives with honesty and integrity at the forefront.

Well-trained Crew

Typically when young men are around 15 to 16 years of age, they have already become strong solid workers on the farm. They have learned to build various items on the farm, and working hard is not uncommon. They have learned to problem solve, and fix different and difficult problems which makes them effective workers. As they mature into adulthood, these skills just continue to grow. If they encounter a complication on the roof, they easily learn to remedy and fix the problem, potentially saving you a great deal of money.

Not only are Amish men hard-working, but they are well-trained. This means you are getting a better quality roof while also getting it, many times, for cheaper. Well-trained roofers mean they will be able to work more efficiently while still giving you the quality you deserve.

Lastly, an Amish crew isn’t distracted by social media, so the crew won’t be glancing at their phones regularly wondering what is happening on Instagram or TikTok. They remain focused, from start to finish.

Less Hassle

Many times, when you work with an Amish roofing contractor, you are working with the owner. He makes sure the crew is keeping to his standards, does the ordering of materials for the project, and compiles the final bill himself. You will have a working relationship with the owner, and he can answer your questions as he is personally familiar with your home.

When it comes to having your roof repaired or replaced, call TopLine Roofing LLC for a complete and thorough inspection, followed by honest and sincere communication from start to finish. A completely new look can be achieved just by adding a new roof! We believe there is nothing more satisfying than leaving the site of a happy customer.

We keep everything in-house, from start to finish. We don’t sub out our work to an Amish crew. We ARE the Amish crew! Topline Roofing is the leading Amish roofing contractor in Wooster. We look forward to working with you! Proudly serving Akron, Ashland, Barberton, Canton, Dover, Green, Mansfield, Massillon, Medina, Millersburg, Mogadore, Mount Vernon, New Franklin, New Philadelphia, North Canton, Norton, Wadsworth, Wooster and the surrounding Northeastern Ohio communities.

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